Community-led planning is a step-by-step consultation that can empower our community to take action and make the Strettons a better place.

By consulting and involving people and organisations in the Strettons we believe that the community can together, develop a shared understanding of what improvements or new services are needed and the actions that can be delivered for mutual benefit. This provides the community with the opportunity to set its own agenda and bring about positive change.

In addition to making proposals to the Town Council, and influencing the planning and decision-making of Shropshire Council, the Community-Led Plan will help the whole community, with its many groups and organisations, to better understand and meet the challenges and opportunities of the coming years.

Consultation with individuals and all the varied clubs and organisations in the Strettons is key to the process of developing the plan, which will be based on a sound understanding of local needs and expectations. This will help to create a sense of ownership and responsibility for making the plan work.

By coming together with a common purpose the Community-Led Plan will both reflect a shared vision for the future and provide a realistic action plan around which we can all unite, for the benefit of the place and people we love.