Highlights And Potential - Developing An Arts Strategy

Submission to the Shropshire County Arts Strategy consultation before Christmas 2020

Education and the Arts: Proposal to open a conversation with the Church Stretton School about students participation in the community Arts, when we have moved beyond the
Covid crisis.

Discussions with hospitality, tourism and restaurant businesses: it may be a useful to start when we have an opportunity for face-to-face meeting and the Arts begins to open up again.  The subject would be how can both sectors be mutually supportive?

Shropshire Arts Consortium: Explore the benefits and opportunities of joining the Shropshire Arts Consortium particularly for South Shropshire.

Venues:  In the first instance we need a full review of all our venues and possible venues, their availability, capacity and adaptability for a variety of performance events,
indoor and outdoor.

Museum:  It would be good to look at opportunities for a building that might be suitable for a museum, should anything come on the market.

Grand Piano: During the end of last year a Bechstein grand piano has been offered to the town and Richard Walker and Gill Styles have concluded it is a fine piano.  Although nearly 100 years old after some restorative work should make a good addition to the Arts scene.

Arts Facilitator: We need to explore how we can raise the funds to employ a facilitator to direct the development of the Arts vision and delivery within the CLP 2021-41 plan.  This might be in partnership with other market towns of South Shropshire.

Arts Forum:  To establish a Forum that brings together the Arts and Culture bodies in the town  developing a strategic plan for the Strettons Arts and encourage the kind of partnerships as above; apply for funding; respond  to the diversity of the population and
contribute to the social and health needs of the whole community.

Live streaming of performing arts into nursing homes and encouraging a much more
intergenerational, arts and cultural activities

Having a very active and well-loved bookshop, poetry workshops and U3A there is potential for more work in this area and possibilities for a literary festival in its own right.

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