Appendix 2

1. More consideration should be given to the layout of development when there are large trees on the site.

2. A full assessment of the impact of construction of new buildings on trees should be carried out for all developments affecting trees. Adequate root protection and exclusion zones should then be enforced.

3. The implications of shading by retained trees should be shown on all planning proposals. New development should be designed to avoid such shady areas.

4. Space should be set aside for tree planting in all new development and at least one tree planted for every new building, wherever practical.

5. Consideration should be given to the replacement of existing street trees, when necessary, and the planting of more trees in public areas, particularly native trees.

6. Where possible, developments should have a quality landscape scheme aimed at enhancing the rural, tree-rich character of the town. It should incorporate new tree planting and retain as many of the natural landscape features as possible, and encourage bio-diversity.

7. Landscape schemes should be robustly monitored and enforced.

8. Where possible developments should provide green areas with suitable landscaping incorporating existing and newly planted trees.

9. Garden boundaries should be softened, where appropriate, with natural materials to maintain a ‘countryside feel’; generally hedges are preferable to close-boarded fences.