Health & Social Care

  1. In the Residents Survey from February this year, HSC appeared as a top priority in the full sample analysis and in the analysis of households with children. The topic was also mentioned (6% of the comments received) in response to the question “What is the one thing in the Strettons you most want to see conserved?”, with almost all comments mentioning Mayfair and the Health and Wellbeing Centre.

  2. We are also aware of the population projections for Shropshire to 2041 (Office for National Statistics, May 2018), which shows the average age of the elderly population rising much faster than nationally. By 2041, the older population (65+) will amount to just over a third of the total population of Shropshire. The population of the Strettons is already significantly older than the rest of the County.

  3. It is recognised that the existence of Mayfair and its services, a large number of support groups, and a significant tradition of volunteering and neighbourhood support puts the Strettons in what may be considered an enviable position. The question remains, though, as to how the community will respond to the inevitable increase in health and social care needs over the next twenty years.

  4. A small working group is looking at the issues, with a view to putting together proposals which will go into the final Community-Led Plan.

  5. In order to help the working group, we would be grateful if you could answer the following questions. Please add any additional comments as appropriate.

David Howard
Chair, CLP Steering Group

Name/Organisation: ________________________________________________
   1. What additional resources are going to be needed in coming years, and which resources will need to expand?

   2. Where is the funding going to come from?

   3. How can we develop the use of existing premises?

   4. What are the recruitment issues that we will need to address?

   5. Can we better coordinate the work of existing services and support groups, and how?

   6. Are there issues about sharing and providing information, and if so, what are the possible solutions?

   7. How can we develop the use of IT to enhance services?

   8. What should we be doing to improve preventative medicine?

   9. What steps could/should be taken to develop a more active Healthy Living agenda?

   10.  How can we best build on the neighbourliness that has been shown in the community since the start of the coronavirus pandemic?

   11. Who could/should take the lead on any of these issues?

Please return to David Howard, Culmore, Clive Avenue, Church Stretton, SY6 7BL