The Community-Led Plan is now complete.

Though the process has lasted over two years, chiefly due to the effects of Covid, the final Plan attempts to do full justice to the expressed wishes of local residents, as individuals, in groups and organisations, and in businesses. The Steering Group has worked diligently to put all the many and various contributions into a coherent shape.

The Plan is a substantial document. It calls on all sectors of the community to meet the challenges of the coming years, and outlines opportunities for action. The Steering Group hopes that the whole community will now take time to absorb the messages of the Plan, and start discussions as to how the recommendations can best be taken forward, for the benefit of all.

It is anticipated that there will be regular updates, modifications and even revisions to the Plan over the next 15 years, as circumstances change.

Huge thanks are due to the many individuals and groups who have contributed to the making of the Plan, and particularly to members of the Steering Group, for their dedication and persistence.

To read the Plan or the Executive Summary, click on the links