Q&A - The Strettons Community-Led Plan?

What's the aim of community-led planning?


Community-led planning is a process through which the community:


  • ​identifies what matters most to different sections of the community

  • agrees actions which will make The Strettons an even better place to live and work

  • influences the planning and decision-making of Shropshire Council and the Town Council

  • gives direction to the future development of the Strettons for the next decade and beyond.


What is the Steering Group?

The Steering Group is made up of individuals who have come together to oversee, manage and help deliver the Strettons' Community-Led Plan. This will take approximately two years. Members of the Steering Group come from a range of backgrounds and different groups are represented. E.g. residents, business, young people.

How will things work?


The Steering Group will seek views from every household. This will identify what matters most to the residents of The Strettons. The Steering Group will also consult with specific groups within the community to hear their perspective e.g. local businesses, young people.

What will happen to the Household Survey?


Following these consultations a series of working groups will be established. Each group will focus on a key issues raised by the community. They will work with others within the community to develop proposals of benefit to people living in the area. The Steering Group will then draw these proposals together into a draft Prioritised Action Plan. This Plan will then be the subject of further community consultation before being finalised as the The Strettons Community-Led Plan 2020-2036.

Why is the Community-Led Plan important?

It will not only inform the planning and decision-making of the Town Council and Shropshire Council, but hold to account all those responsible for the implementation of The Plan.

What happen to the  Community-Led Plan in the future?

The Plan will be reviewed annually. This will enable residents and the wider community to hold public authorities to account for their roles and responsibility for implementing The Plan.

What will ensure that the Community-Led Plan is a success?

The success of The Strettons Community-Led Plan can only be fully realised if significant numbers of the local community engage in the process of shaping The Plan and support its outcomes.